Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Indonesia


First of all, we thank you very much for the cooperation with the Directorate of History of Education and Culture Ministry that has fully supported the implementation of the exhibition of Penta-K Labs II: Sedulur Banyu in Randusari, Nongkosawit, Semarang. As an organizing community: Kolektif Hysteria and Nongkosawit residents in general, and particularly Randusari residents are pleased to finally learn their local history, that can be conveyed in more varied and enjoyable ways, that is by art approaches. Various narrative extracted by the research team from enriched folklore such as the origins of the village, ritual, and its relation with social cultural phenomenon, presented with various approaches. We hope that through this interdisciplinary approach, there will be a lot of breakthrough, not only from folklore presentation but also its relation with environmental issues, especially about water that closely related not only with the future of the village but also the city of Semarang herself. Hopefully what we endeavor can be a lesson for us together and inspire similar initiatives elsewhere. Penta-K Labs II Committee Team

Kirab Kyai Bendhe, Nasi Tedun, and Endog Wewe

Kirab Kyai Bendhe, Nasi Tedun, and Endog Wewe   Kirab Bendhe is a tradition of the village that is held once a year in the Wage Thursday in Rajab. Bendhe […]

Soko Wali Mosque

Soko Wali Mosque   This Mosque is one of the religious tourism destinations in Nongkosawit village after being designated as a tourist village. The building is not maintained and is […]

Hasan Munadi Nisbat Kampung

  Hasan Munadi Nisbat Kampung   According to the story, the history of Nongkosawit village is not separated from the feud between Ki Ajar Buntit and Bambang Kertonadi, aka Sheikh […]

Randusari — The Village of Santri

Randusari — The Village of Santri   Randusari is one of the villages located in Nongkosawit, Gunungpati, Semarang. Randusari is administratively located in RW 2 which is divided into 6 […]